The Choice amongst Two Is Impossible –Wearing Mask Vs Exercising

This tough time of COVID 19 has left with no option between exercising and wearing a mask in your daily life. While exercising is crucial to enhance the immunity and the inner strength of the body, wearing mask act as a barrier against the virus from entering into the body through our respiratory organs like mouth and nose.

Both exercising and wearing masks contribute to their own strides to fight against contacting corona virus. In other words, there is no choice between the two to stay healthy because they both have their role-playing which has been described below.

Role of Exercising

Exercising is crucial especially during the spread of COVID-19 because it helps in reducing stress, prevent weight gain, boost your immune system, and improve sleep time and quality.

Additionally, exercising at home due to shut down of gyms offers an opportunity to spend quality time exercising with the family using online fitness resources, taking virtual classes on the internet and setting fitness goals that help you to burn calories accumulated in the body.

Health Benefits of Exercising

Exercising as the form of physical activity is important for mental health benefits helping cope up with corona virus pandemic state.

Even if you are exercising outdoors you can observe guidelines for fighting against the pandemic like maintaining the social distance, wearing the mask, and sanitizing areas that are frequently touched to make them clean and corona free.

However, exercising within a home is always advisable.

Sometimes it appears tempting to skip work out regime. But exercising is undoubtedly crucial now than normal circumstances because physical health and mental well-being are very vital to fight corona virus pandemic spread.

Exercising is especially beneficial for elderly people and with those suffering from chronic health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, or arthritis because it improves balance, stability, mobility, strength, and cardiovascular health. Also, it helps in increasing your energy and overall well-being.

Fighting a Battle of Life Wearing the Mask

Facemasks are very important during corona virus spread because those who eventually develop symptoms of this virus attack can transmit the virus to others before showing symptoms via coughing, speaking, sneezing, etc.

A medical graded face mask that covers your mouth and noses are apt as a precautionary measure against corona virus spread.

Everyone should wear a mask when out in public or close contact with other people as a mask act as a barrier against viral and bacterial particulates transfer.

Choosing the Right Mask

While choosing a face mask, comfort is a priority and not material. An uncomfortable mask that needs constant adjustment means more touching on the face, which may lead to more risk of contamination.

Why Do Experts Believe Exercising And Face Mask Doesn’t Go Hand In Hand With Each Other?

It has been scientifically proven that heart rate increases during exercise. However, wearing a mask during exercising regime increases heart rate at a much higher rate, that may cause dehydration, light-headedness, and dizziness.  In extreme cases, it can even result in adverse cardiac effects.


We saw both exercising and wearing a mask are good measures for avoiding contacting corona virus. Choosing one against others is not possible because one can’t work effectively for total protection.

Wearing a mask in public spaces is essential undoubtedly, but wearing a mask while exercising can negatively impact exercise performance.

Respiratory or cardiovascular conditions like asthma, bronchitis, or COPD does not permit exercising with a face mask. It is important to consult a physician on exercising with the mask on.